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Jonathan commenced his working life in the agricultural industry as an accounts clerk. After five years the urge to travel gripped him and he headed for England, set London as a base and proceeded to see as much as he could of Britain, Ireland and Europe. His funds weren't too flash so in between trips he worked in casual jobs in London. As he travelled both ways to the UK by ship he managed to see a bit more of the world during ports of call and he actually circumnavigated the world by sea.


On his return he commenced a career spanning 30 years in the automotive industry with one of the major manufacturers. When he reached middle management one of

his roles was as an advertising manager and it was in that role that he developed a love of creative writing. He completed 2 tech school courses - novel writing & short story writing to hone his skills.


On leaving the company he took on a more relaxed job as a copywriter and started writing poetry and short stories in his spare time and then wrote his first novel which he ended up shelving after some poor reviews . He then got serious and wrote Mandate and published it as an E book. 

When the small marketing company that Jonathan worked for closed its doors he had a big career change and worked as a caregiver in The Australian Healthcare Industry for 10 years. That experience enabled him to write and publish "The Twilight Years". It highlighted what it was like caring for aged and disabled people in their own homes. The book was originally published in paperback and is also available as an E Book. Just click on the button on the HOME page or in the BOOK section of this site.


COPY WRITING SERVICE: Company name "JTC - Jonathan T Creative"

Jonathan has written volumes of copy over the years covering a variety of products and programs - including incentive programs, travel blurbs and technical write ups.

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