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The poem below was inspired by a theme introduced at Jonathan's fortnightly writing group meeting. The theme was "The end of the World" Enjoy! There is more information on poetry below:

  In simple terms there are two types of poetry - rhyming and non rhyming or free verse which has no set meter to it. Jonathan has written      both types and published a few. One of each type has been featured here. Both of these poems were published in the UK in a soft cover      book entitled 'Words from the Web'.

  There are many other types - ballads, limericks, haikus, sonnets and more.

  Jonathan believes a poem should paint a picture and should feature beautiful words but it should make some sense. A lot of poems appear to be just a jumble of words that are either incredibly deep or don't mean much at all. Jonathan writes poetry for fun and has no real intention of pursuing a writing career as a poet. Jonathan's poems are either humorous, paint pictures with beautiful words or tell a story. 

My Garden Gone

     My garden is gone there is no doubt

A victim of the ravages of the cursed drought

     The grass is dead, in fallen repose

Survived perhaps by the resilient rose


     The trees are bare, the twigs do snap

And there's an empty bowl beneath the tap

     The ground is cracking, brittle and dry

And there's not a cloud in the clear blue sky


     The smell of citrus has departed the air

And the dust has settled every where

      The sun sears down and dries one's eyes

A constant companion, the heat and the flies


      If a cloud appears it's gone in a day

Leaving no moisture for which we pray

      The sky turns red as the sun starts its rest

But the heat lingers and makes us depressed


      I yearn for the Autumn, or is it the Fall

For long cool evenings and grass that is tall

      For the dew on the leaves and smells like spice

And the colourful hues that look ever so nice


I want the greens and the reds to colour my day

      And long days of rain to wash the dust away

For the soil to dampen and fill every crack

      But most of all, I want my garden back



That look, those staring eyes

   I feel them on me now,

Probing every part of my body

A look of desire and adulation

   The smile, almost a smirk,

Confirming what she is seeking

   She wants me all to herself.


    I sit in my chair, tense

Our eyes lock on each other

    My pulse rate quickens

I uncross my legs in anticipation

    She moves slowly

Uncoiling herself for me

A pink tongue and white teeth appear

    She licks her lips sensuously

She interprets my smile as a yes.


     She stands and stretches

     Her body lithe and athletic

I am envious of her flexibility

Her movements are so graceful,

  As she slowly bridges the gap

      I stretch my legs out,

Arms by my sides, my breathing shallow.

      I am ready for her.


In a millisecond she is on my lap

I gasp waiting for her next move

      I caress her neck

My fingers glide along her back

     She is so beautiful.

She slowly settles upon me.

      Her tail flicks my face

    Then the purring starts

She has me where she wants me,

Until it's time for her nightly feed.





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