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The photos on this page were taken by Jonathan with a Nikon Coolpix L820 digital camera or with an I phone. He states that from time to time one snaps really interesting pics so the plan is to add artistic shots to this page from time to time.

Hibiscus , a touch of colour in our garden

Another touch of colour in our garden. This is a type of lily. It flowers in February each year.

Sunset - taken from our kitchen window 

Dusk in Gundagai - This is the view from a restaurant in Gundagai. Just stunning and the food was great too. Gundagai is a photographer's paradise.

This was taken in 2014 at the time the moon was the closest it gets to the earth


The wind beneath my wings - A sea bird airing itself,

this was taken at Foster/Tuncurry NSW Mid-North Coast. 


Lorne Victoria - These two pictures were taken at the beautiful seaside resort of Lorne Victoria on a sunny winter's day.


Woolleys Beach Western Port Bay: The above 3 pics were taken with an I Phone. Stunning cloud formations, just prior to a violen storm later that night ... October 2021.g 1

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